SAG 2月20日活動 こども哲学に取り組もう



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 Today’s activity is related to philosophy, which may has always been regarded as a discipline that can only be approached by people who have a certain experience at a certain ageUnexpectedly, there is also a philosophy suitable for children and today’s kids’ active involvement in doing philosophy activity completely altered our original thoughts.As usual, we did a number counting as a warm-up activity at the beginning. After that, we began our formal “philosophy class”.

 Firstly, we were asked to do a game where we needed knit the ball while made a self-introduction by answer these 4 questions which include: 
1) What kinds of nicknames would you like to be called? 
2) What is the most interesting in YMCA?
3) What is the most important thing or person to you?
4) What is the you want to do but could not do it right away?

 After this process, each of us was asked to make an judgement over whether one saying is correct or not and pick up the one which is not favored by. During the process, someone like SAWA who picked the question “it is understandable not to get along with someone whom you don’t like.” She stated that each of us is regarded as an independent individual and it is no need to spend the time with someone whom you don’t like. According to her opinion, many kids aggressively asked many questions which include “don’t you feel lonely? What kind of person would you like to play with” etc.

 After the question parts, each of us was asked to explain why SAWA could form such opinions. Through the way of asking question and analyzing questions, we could get more into her thoughts.
From today’s lesson, what can be learned is Philosophy is not mysterious. It is a way for people to know and understand the world. It provides people with a method of how to analyze and fix out the problems.




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