SAG 9月12日 活動報告 英語と電車で遊ぼう



Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Shinkansen.
This is the Nozomi super express bound for XXX.
We will be stopping at XXX, ... XXX and XXX stations before arriving at XXX terminal.
Cars 1, 2 and 3 are for passengers without seat reservations.
Smoking is not allowed on this train except in the designated smoking rooms located in cars 3, 7 and 15.
The smoking room in car No. 10 is for passengers in the Green cars.
Please refrain from smoking in the train including areas at either end of the cars.
The conductors room is in car No. 8.
While in the car, we ask that you switch your mobile phone to silent mode.
You are welcome to put your luggage on your overhead shelf.
Please be careful when you lift your luggage as it may fall.
If you'd like to put your luggage behind the seats at the last row or sections near the door, please inform the crew.
Hazardous items are prohibited on stations and trains.
If you notice any suspicious item or behavior, please notify staff immediately.
In case of emergency, please notify train crew by the SOS button.
Thank you.

   Today’s theme was to explore the foreign language surrounding our life. Taking a street car has become a primary commuting way for most of people, therefore it was chosen as English learning place for kids to discover  English vocabularies hidden in the car announcement.
After saying general greetings to each other, we began our today’s activity. Our today’s superstar was Kouhei who is a 12-years old primary student and delivered a car-announcement as wonderful as standard announcement level to us. Not only he could announced it in Japanese fluently, but also he could speak it without any difficulties in English. The secrete of his skilled announcement technique revealed by him was thousand times continuous practice. And when he was asked whether he had ever felt bored with these repeated practice and he definitely replied with ‘of course, I had never ever felt bored with it. Since I like it and would be willing to devoted to myself to it without any hesitation and compliant. After listening to the announcement by Kouhei and formal shinkannsen announcer’s voice, we set out to experience by taking a street car. The destination of the route was Higashiyama station. During the route, kids were shown to notice the voice which was just learned from class and also some vocabularies which were written in trilingual language. After arriving Higashiyama station, after a little rest, we took out our benntou and began to eat. At 13:00 o’clock, kids made a report to parents. 

夢中は努力に勝るという言葉がありますが、今日は電車が大好きな幸平くんがまさしくそれを見せてくれました。英語で電車内のアナウンスを見事に再現してくれました。聴いてまねる。その結果、英語が話せたらいいですよね。また、いろいろな公共の場所に英語や韓国語、中国語、日本語が表記されていて、何気なく通り過ぎていた所に外国人の立場になって立ってみると、たくさんの気づきがありました。SAGでの体験を生かして、困っている外国人の方にMay I help you? と気軽に声を掛けられる人になってほしいです。いずみん