SAG 7月18日 活動報告 MUSICを心から楽しむ


An experience of Okayama Media Support
The purpose of today’s activity was to experience in making music in OMS musical workshop. A song called paprika(パプリカ) was chosen for the kids due to its popularity. After normal greetings to each other, we headed for the singing practice process. Due to the fast speed and difficult English words, kids found it hard to keep up with the rhythm initially. Especially where to stress the words and how to pronounce the intonation with its change in different places of one sentence. For example, in the lyrics「put the seeds into your hands and throw them in the sky」, “and “will be pronounced like the sound “an” instead of the whole sound, and “into” will be pronounced fast. After numerous times practice, they finally completed the song by themselves. At around 11:00 o’clock, we moved to the OMS music workshop to have the real experience in making a song. There are numerous musical instruments which include drums, guitar, piano and violin. Kids were soon attracted by the musical instruments and found out their favorite ones. Even some of them had no experience in playing the instruments before, they soon discovered the secret of doing it. For example, sixth-grade-kouhei chose to play the drums and soon discovered rhythm. Also, second-grade kanato and Karin also found their favorite musical instrument. Because yuki and koharu have already learned how to play the piano, it was simple for them to do it. I was asked to play the violin which I hadn’t practiced several years, however, I had no confidence to play it in front of everyone. At that time , what I was thinking was that there was only one chance in human life where too much regretted things could not be allowed. After some time practice, we held the formal practice and made it successful. Despite kids were afraid to try the English lyrics at first, they finally did it in miracle. Numerous potentials are hidden in their bodies. As long as they work hard enough, they will break out amazing energy out of their body. After 1 hour staying in musical workshop, we moved back to the YMCA and have meal. At around 1:00 o’clock , we had a report to the parents by singing and dancing the paprika(パプリカ).



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