SAG 7月4日 活動の報告 願い事を英語で書こう。

 とにかく「大きな声で話す」これが英語を話す時のコツです。要は相手の人に伝わるためには、「聴こえない」といけないのです。この1ケ月、毎回そのことを伝えてきましたので、みんな大きな声で発表できるようになったと思います。また使えるフレーズも増えてきました。Would you~とMay I have ~は、使いこなせるレベルに近づいてきたように思います。今日はそれに加えて、I have a problem here.という表現を学びました。実はこれも使える表現で、このフレーズを知っていれば、頭が痛ければ頭を指差し、お腹が痛ければお腹を抑え、スマホが壊れていればそのスマホを示すだけで「問題がある」つまり課題を解決してほしいという意思表示ができるすぐれものの文章なのです。どうぞみなさんも使ってみて下さい。また、願い事に関しては、「今だけ、金だけ、自分だけ」にならないように配慮してほしいことを伝えました。腰痛でお休みしたいずみんリーダー、大水で被災中の熊本の人々、いわれなき差別に苦しむブラックピープルの方々の、そして何より現在コロナ禍で不便な暮らしを余儀なくされている世界の多数の方々のために、こどもたちが短冊に願い事を書いてくれたことに感動しました。保護者のみなさんもぜひ、お家で一緒にお祈り下さい。

The purpose of today’s activity is learning and talking about Tanabata across different countries. Unlike unusual activities, there were 4 leaders participating in the activity. After the brief introduction, we started today’s activity. In order to get children fully warm up, we took them to the outside to play some games. But unfortunately, it was only playing for 20 minutes that heavy rain suddenly dropped off. Therefore, we had to changed our schedule and play in the room. Despite though, children’s enthusiasm wasn’t been affected at all. They would always find ways to entertain themselves, such as playing chess or playing the piano or even playing the cards. From 11o’clock, our activity formally began. We were separated into three groups, lead by bumpbump, nobida and yuyang leader respectively. The content of the activity is making Tanabata decorations. In the process, they need to practice the following English phrases like “ I have problem with…may I have…”. Each group was arranged with different tasks, which including searching Tanabata across different Tanabata and places’ cultures, such as Korea, Taiwan, China and western countries etc and then made a brief summary report to each other. Besides, they were required to write down their three wishes in English on the paper which would be placed on the tree branches. Some kids in my group kept asking me how to write the sentences in English, after listening to their writing contents, which includes hoping world become peaceful and removing racialism and humanism etc, I felt that they all have a broad heart and strong aspiration. At 13 o’clock, children made a report to parents and say good bye to each other. 


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