6月27日 SAG活動のご報告 ヒエログリフで遊ぼう。


 今日学んだ便利なフレーズは「May I have~?」という表現。先日ある方から、このフレーズは、「こどもっぽく聞こえませんか?」という質問を受けました。今回学んだように、確かにこどもは、そうやって大人にお願いすることが多いのです。それは『May I~?』は、「許可を求める、相手に判断をゆだねる」ような聞き方だからです。なので、こどもたちが使うと、「これ、もらってもいいですか?」「これ欲しいので、いい?。」「使ってもいい?」という感じになるのです。今回学んだMay  I have a box?は、まさにそんなニュアンスです。



May I have your name, please ? May I have your (telephone) number, please? 


May I have your attention, please.(こちらを注目して下さい→皆様にご連絡申し上げます。)


REPORT from Yuyang   Purpose: to teach kids to use “May I have〜 ,,
  After the common warm-up and introduction, we started today’s games. There were 14 kids gathering today. Maybe they had already known today’s topic, they showed extremely excited. The aim of today’s mission was to use the English phase “May I have〜” in the form of playing hieroglyphic letter games. After the introduction from QSAN on the games rules, kids started their first mission by decoding a simple code. Children were separated by two groups, girls lead by Izumin and boys lead by Yuyang respectively. After kids got the first clues from the code they just deciphered, they began on their first journey to find the things written on the code. The hint for Izumin ’s group was a balloon and for Yuyang’s group was piano. Following the clues, we and kids arrived at the instrument shop. There, kids used the phase “May I have a box?” to the owner, in replying for this, they got a large and heavy box. By the way, the owner also played a beautiful song canon for us in the end. At around 11:00, we recturned back to YMCA and opened the box given by the owner. Kids were astonished to find a beautiful delicate books on Egyptian hieroglyph and relative game tools. Therefore, kids were required to write their names in the form of hieroglyph. They seemed very satisfied with their little achievement.


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