SAG 11月16日の活動報告(災害マップ作成調査隊)

  The theme of this time is about finding safety shelters in case of emergency. In details, We separated it in to three tiny topics which will be completed in the ultimate form of a map in later three weeks. The primary task of today was to check and observe locations which will be drawn in the map. To be more precise, We set out at 10:30am to the Tenmanya street, Chugoku bank and Okayama castle which are the main routes of the map. It’s a kind of long route to the kids but they strive hard to complete it. During the route, we checked out the flood rising height of these locations and recorded them on the map downloaded from internet. After 1 hour later, we went back to YMCA and learned new vocabularies related to emergency. 
 At last, Danger do exist everywhere but it is more important to improve safety consciousness to prevent danger. Not only was it a good method to teach children how to protect themselves in case of emergency, but also it provides a precious chance for me to recognize the proper behaviors before danger comes.


 その後、ラグビー日本躍進の原動力にとして、国籍編成のワンチームが大いに機能したことも知りました。しかしながら、日本社会が多国籍化していくなかでコミュニケーション手段としての英語はますます重要になります。例えば災害時に、複数国籍の人がいた場合はどうだろうか?そんな投げかけの中で、こどもたち自身が、Help meやWatch out、Are you OK?などのフレイズを覚えていきました。その後もし水害が来たら、このあたりはどうなるかを想像し、それを検証するために過去の歴史に学ぶ必要性を確認し、みんなで周辺の水害のメモリアルプレートを訪ね歩きました。



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